Funny Cat Takes Over Twitter By Trying To Prevent Her Owner From Sitting On Her Chair


If pets were put to a contest on the basis of funny faces, cats would definitely ace it! The kitties that appear sophisticated and intelligent at first, are experts at making hoomans laugh. No wonder the popularity of cat videos keeps growing by the day. Recently, a Twitter user yoshi___ben posted some pics of her kitty making the most hysterical face that ended up breaking the internet!

The post now boasts over 45.4K shares and 191.9K likes on the social media platform. The post shows a 5-year-old catto Yoshitsune struggling to nudge her hooman away from taking a seat on her endeared chair. The cat despises other beings entering into her private space and it becomes apparent from that face of hers! Yoshitsune adores new things and is known to have a temperamental personality so it’s no surprise that she attempted to “defend” the brand new chair that her hooman recently got for her.

She desperately attempts to resist it using her front legs, but when the hooman refuses to budge, she exhibits a raging expression as if she’s yelling “What do you think you’re sitting on? Move!” A minute later, she notices the camera and makes a hilarious face that looks like it’s saying: “What exactly are you staring at?” Aren’t cats hilarious creatures?

We assure the pics included here are going to give you a good dose of laughter. Scroll through these hilarious pictures of Yoshitsune and be sure to share the laughter with your friends and family!

#1 Yoshitsune gently attempts to push the hooman away

#2 Why aren’t you moving hooman?

#3 Why are you sitting here? MOVE, NOW!

#4 What exactly are you staring at?


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#6 Victory is mine

#7 Here’s Yoshitsune when she’s occupied in things other than defending her beloved chair

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