Hilarious Cat Posts To Put A Smile On Your Face


Cats are both weird and adorable. It is beyond us to be able to comprehend what they are doing, maybe they just want to keep us guessing all the time by doing things entirely out of the blue.

The internet keeps producing kitty content, both photos and videos, because there’s something going viral pretty much all the time or something from the past is being dug up.

We have put together a few photos that will absolutely put a wide smile on your face! Don’t forget to share these with your friends and family!

#1 Déjà vu, It’s that scene from Psycho! The team work here is outstanding – one cat enjoys a free show as the other one climbs a curtain.

#2 The expression on this cat’s face is unmissable after a dog grabbed a bite of her food. She’s making it clear to her mom and dad that if they intend to maintain peace in the household, they need to work on smoothing things over.

#3 Unsure of whether the good is excellent mimic or if the pillow is just way too appealing.

#4 We thought maybe they are screws, but turns out those were its eyeballs staring at us through the holes.

#5 Cats can be extra ordinally smart at times, but they do have their average moments here and there. Wonder how long before these cats realize there’s not much to look forward to here.

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#6 This kitty is so well-behaved that whenever her mom comes home, she brings her slippers for her. Naturally, the fluffball can carry only one slipper at a time so the process is slightly slow.

#7 These cats seem to think it’s a number game in us v/s them whenever it is time to go to the vet. Don’t think it’s going to go as they planned, though.

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