10 Hilarious Comics Showing Differences Between Cats And Dogs


Cat and dog owners are always raging a fight against one other. They always fail to prove who is better out of the two. Cat-dog comics are more hilarious than anything you will ever find. As adorable as these pets are, it can get a bit messy when we leave the two together. Here are some hilarious cat-dog comics that will tell you everything about their relationship.

#1 When your cats stay away from you, don’t bother to pet them. You can’t touch them without their permission.

#2 When a cat sit, you sit. There is no moving around. Now you can pet the cat.

#3 Your cat will act like your girlfriend who is mad at you. On the other hand, your dog would act like your ex who can’t stop texting you.

#4 Trying to figure out how your cat is feeling. It is impossible so just invest your time somewhere else.

#5 It’s all about the perspective with which you look at things. Cats like theirs more than anything. Be like a cat and stop chasing people.

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#6 Cats won’t wait for long before finding a new hooman once you are dead. They are experts of moving on.

#7 Your cat will hate your new pet. Never get a new pet if you own a cat.

#8 Did you even think about giving your cat a bath? Well, if you don’t want scratches all over your face, you better forget about it.

#9 Ever seen a fight between your dog and cat? If not, here’s what will happen.

#10 Cats are smarter than you think and no less irritating than your roommate. But they will always take care of you.

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