Hilarious Pet Shaming Of Pets By Their Owners For Being Naughty


Pet owners have taken to social media for publicly shaming their pets by posting their pictures with signs that state what ‘crimes’ they have committed. Scroll through these hilarious pictures and don’t forget to share these with your friends and family!

#1 Planet Earth has been graced with broadly two types of doggos

#2 He looks quite proud to be honest

#3 Left this extremely essential note for my husband to keep her overeating tendencies under check

#4 Well, forgive me for thinking that mom would appreciate some pawdorable company!

#5 Back when I was in complete disagreement with the home improvements that dog went ahead with without consulting with me

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#6 There is 0 exaggeration here

#7 I thought the darned thing would never come off – what would you have done?!

#8 The thief of hamburgers

#9 I would contend that a little bit of cat-shaming is called for here

#10 Pete has not been a good boy this week

#11 The smile reveals more than it should

#12 To avoid such mishaps in the future, I would recommend you pay complete attention to me!

#13 With this, Binx has successfully destroyed all the blinds in the living room

#14 We had an interesting walk today

#15 It was a good morning; things were going swell. And then, I come back home to find this glitter bomb!

#16 Learning to be a self-reliant pupper

#17 Gotta poo somewhere

#18 Mom did not include me in her next holiday plan. What else was I supposed to do? Loved how her passport tasted.

#19 Public body shaming is rough

#20 We are calling it the Groundhog Day

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