Hilarious Tale Of Cat Eating Magical Cookie, Adventure Ensues


You can never keep a cat from doing what it wants. And when there are two cats involved, it is just impossible. We are going to tell you a pawsome story of a weed cookie and cats today. It’s all about how a cat lady couldn’t keep away her weed cookies from her two pawsome cats.

This lady left her cats unattended for some while. Her cats were well aware that their hooman mom were trying to save some delicious cookies for herself. So as soon as the cats got the opportunity, the sneaked to the place where the cookies were hidden and then there was no stopping them.

Here’s the twitter thread of how it went!


There are hilariously pawsome things to follow.


It was the cat lady’s fault. She should be more careful knowing that her cats would take full advantage of the situation.


Cats are quick and efficient. They have the whole thing planned in their heads already.


This was bound to happen!


Making a cat do something against its wish will never happen. So it would be best if you didn’t try to do that.

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Cats can be adorable at all times. it doesn’t matter if they are high on a weed cookie.


Sudden realization of what she had done. You can’t go back now. Just deal with it.


When your cats blame you for everything that went wrong, you apologize.


This kitty definitely needs help. It will be over soon.


“I expected you to take care of me. Look what I had to go through because of you. You silly hooman can’t even do one job properly. You gave you the permission to be a cat lady!”


Now the cat lady needs to apologize to her cat. This is too much. The kitty doesn’t deserve this.


The worse part finally got over.


You need to be really careful around your cats. One bad move can make your cat suffer a lot.

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