How To Tell If Your Cat Is Planning To Kill You Secretly?


No matter how innocent your fur balls may seem, they always got a reason to kill you. What if they are planning to kill you right away? You better be careful and figure out before they put their plan into action. We have compiled some pictures of cats that are definitely planning to kill their hoomans. We suggest you to look out for these signs if you did something to upset your cat.

#1 Has your cat been staring at you lately when you try to sleep? Then you should know that he has something wicked in his mind.

#2 “How dare you click a selfie without me?! I will kill you and use your phone to take a selfie.

#3 “Leave me alone. I am plotting the most mysterious murder of this century.”

#4 Are you ignoring your cat lately? Also, not cutting your cat’s nails regularly will land you in serious trouble.

#5 Does your cat hate to take a bath? Well, surprise, surprise! Every cat does! That’s why they like to stay indoors, away from dirt.

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#6 This hooman’s cat won’t let him leave for work. Is he trying to save him from something evil?

#7 “You sill hooman! Instead of reading this book, you should just observe me and you will know. Like the look on my face right now will tell!

#8 Are you trying to spot the cat here? Well, don’t! It will only scare you.

#9 If your cat’s eyes shine in the dark, they are probably talking to the demons.

#10 “Am I supposed to eat the leftovers? Can’t you give me good food for once! Your end is near and I will make sure of it.

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