How To Understand Cat Language And Know What Your Cat Is Telling You?


We know that cat language is not easy to understand. As easy as it is to decipher what your dog is telling you, you will fail to understand even the simple things that your cats tell you. It even gets a bit mind boggling at times to find out why your cat is staring at you.


We have put together some easy guidelines to help you talk to your cat have a look.

Figuring out the Cat Tails

Your cat’s tail has a language of its own. Upward raised and curled tail signifies that he is happy. But if it twitches occasionally, then your cat is either worried or excited. If the tail’s fur jutting all out, then our fur ball is feeling too threatened or excited.

What do those adorable eyes have to say?

If your cat’s pupils are dilated, then it is experiencing strong feelings of playfulness, aggression, fright or agitation. You have to decide as per the ongoing situation. When your cat stares directly into your eyes, he is comfortable around you and trusts you.


How does your cat react to other people?

Your cats are possessive about you and like to mark their territory. They do this by rubbing against you and leaving their fragrance. Cat may also poke you with its wet nose to show attachment. Cats hardly lick their hoomans. So if they do that, you are very lucky.

Some other gestures

Cats are very observant creatures. They usually throw back their head and raise their nose when they are being observant. It usually presses its ears down to its head when scared. It may even slightly stick out its tongue and lick itself when anxious or worried.

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