Hysterical Instances Where Cats’ Plans Weren’t Though Through


Our feline companions are proud and independent animals, but often times they do the craziest things. We must not distract them as they are in the middle of these amazing antics, but we can put in some work and get some amazing pictures during the process.

We bring for you cats that seem to have a glitch in their plan. If you do not believe us, keep scrolling and see for yourself. Also, do not forget to share the fun with your friends and family!

#1 Boy, this oughta be uncomfortable


#3 He is so self-sufficient that he requires no boxes to sit in

#4 Is there a secret cat dancing school that we know nothing about, just like Hogwarts – but for cats?

#5 This kitty rolled around in a box of catnip throughout the day and was found in this position that evening

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#6 If you cannot provide me with a bed, I can make my own arrangements. Using the toilet paper, of course.

#7 He is not willing to accept that he has lost this battle

#8 Don’t stop chasing them dreams!

#9 Cats are silly, but do you see how cute these fluffballs are?

#10 This cat is a born ballet dancer

#11 Meet Makoli. He’s… special. That’s all we can explain.

#12 This indoor cat was taken outside for the first time. The grass seems to have broken him.

#13 I need you to not ask questions, and accept something. From this day on, I am a plant.

#14 If “creating a world domination plan and getting caught” had a face

#15 I will not stop. Until. I. Get. IN.

#16 I came out with the shower cap on and this is how my cat stared at me because she didn’t recognize me


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