“If I fits, I sits” Said These Cats – And They Proved It


If there’s one thing that kitties love, except lying and doing nothing of course, is to fit in the smallest of places. Their pleasure multiplies when the hooman feels they won’t fit in the shoe shelf, or that Amazon box, or even an empty pizza box – but they do! Oh, the sweet pleasure of proving your slaves wrong…

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Even though we see this behavior of cats is bizzare, scientist have a few theories regarding this feline antic. I mean, why would you try to stuff yourself in a way that looks painfully uncomfortable, right?

Let us recollect a few facts. Cats are predators and boxes are an ideal place for them to stalk and hide from victims. This gives our cattos a sense of security and comfort. Research also backs the fact that boxes help them reduce their stress levels.


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Cats also love to curl up in tiny places because it enables them to preserve body heat. A cat’s thermoneutral zone ranges between 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 20 degrees higher than that is humans. For this reason, cats use tiny boxes as a smart strategy for saving body heat.

However, regardless of what the reasons are, we can’t deny the fact that cats are hilarious when they try to fit in tiny places!

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