Cat Obsessed With Bananas Has Gone Viral Because of How Inappropriate His Pics Look


Our affection for felines is eternal. But not a day goes by when we do not learn something unexpected about our furry companions. Like cattos out in the world who happen to be “bananas” for bananas for seemingly no reason at all.

Bean the cat has a fondness for bananas and loves to lick them so much that his hooman was compelled to click some pics of this fond banana lover and post them online.






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When he was really young, around 9 months of age, he just wanted to sniff a piece of the fruit but ended up really loving how it tasted. He does not get a lot of bananas though, it’s probably a few times every month or even less, reveals his owner.







The vet knows about Bean’s fondness for banana because he has taken a few visits there last year on account of his bouts of uveitis, but the vet clarified that it has nothing to do with the bananas he has been eating. The vet seemed to get a kick out of Bean’s pics but also cautioned that banana is certainly not a diet staple for cats.








Well, what else does Bean like on his menu other than bananas? His owner reveals that his other favorite snack is Noosa Yogurt, only in small amounts of course. He also happens to have a liking for cheese and scrambled eggs. But there’s a lot more.

He seems to also loves veggies and will gulp down lettuce and Brussels sprouts. His actual diet, though, is composed of wet food two times a day.

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