Is Your Cat Planning To Kill You Secretly? Find Out Here!


It’s very difficult to know what goes on inside a cat’s mind. In fact, half of the times cat hoomans misinterpret their cat’s expressions and end up in trouble later. So before you commit that mistake, you better have a look at this story. We have a compilation of some signs which show that your cat is trying to kill you. Get to know your cat before it’s too late.

#1 “My cat always finds a way to sit on my face when I sleep. He is definitely trying to suffocate me.”

#2 “My cat found out what I have been reading. I think this is my last day on this planet.

#3 “What did I do wrong now? Should I run or try to explain?”

#4 “Just caught my kitty giving me that look. I don’t know what it means. Can somebody help me interpret this?” We feel you are in deep trouble.

#5 “I woke up to  my cat staring at me like this in the middle of the night. Does he do it every night. What is he up to?”

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#6 This is how my cat forces me to do what she says.

#7 “Came back home to my cat staring at me from the window. I wonder what surprise or horror awaits me.”

#8 “My cat is not happy with the way I treat her. I know he is planning to kill me secretly.”

#9 That look when you forget to get your cat’s favorite food. “I knew you would forget. Don’t worry I have a plan to set you on the right track.”

#10 “Couldn’t find my cat in the entire house and found him staring at me like this. I am in big trouble for leaving him outside.”

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