Japanese Artist Makes Realistic 3D Cat Portraits Using Wool And It’s Purrfect


Today with a single click, we can get any information and connect to any person we want. One such click brought us to a Japanese artist Wakuneco. She is gifted with the talent to create beautiful 3D cats using wool. You will be really surprised to know that these cats are not real. They look more real than your kitty.

Wakuneco uses some cat pictures and create their portraits. Well, creativity knows no bounds and our fur balls are an example of creativity in themselves. They are always planning and plotting how to catch their prey or maybe get as high as they can. Even though they may not succeed in getting what they want each time, they make sure to put a flavour of creativity in it.

Have a look at some of the cat portraits made by this Japenese artist. We are sure you will be as amazed as us. Maybe a little sad that these cats are not for real.

#1 Made with love

#2 A little extra care so it doesn’t hurt

#3 What are you looking at?

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#4 Another one from the amazing collection.

#5 This kitty is as innocent as she looks.

#6 The one with the green mesmerizing eyes.

#7 This couldn’t look more real.

#8 Sneaky little fur ball at its best

#9 Aren’t they just adorable?!

#10 Portraying the true emotions

#11 How creative can you get?

#12 Is this cat trying to say something?

#13 What a pretty collection!

#14 Can’t wait to get one cat portrait for myself!

#15 Maybe gift one to every cat lover I know

Wakuneco markets her cat portraits on Yahoo Auctions. But at present, she only ships to Japan. So you may have to wait a little longer to get your hands on these adorable 3D cats.

“Watch the video here!”

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