Japanese Photographer Captures Stray Cats Having Fun On The Street And They Are Pawsome


Cats have proved time and again that they are an amazing company. Once you live with a cat, you can’t live without one. Cats love their own company and know how to muse themselves. Cat hoomans know that their furry friends can do without them. All they will ever need is food and some water.

A Japanese photographer Nyankichi Rojiupa captured some pawsome cats on the street. It was amazing to see how these cats turned some drain pipe holes on the street into their playground. These images have purrfectly captured that cats can have fun anywhere.

Pawsome cats not only cheer us up, but they also fill up the emptiness in our lives.

Look at this adorable ball sneaking through the drain!

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I casually stumbled upon these feral cats and now spend all of my weekends with them taking adorable cat photos.

I’ve managed to earn their trust to the point where they act as playful pets.

Cats don’t open up easily to strangers. In order to get to know them, you have to earn their trust first.

These felines are an expert at hopping in and out of the drain.

They are totally graceful even when they hoping around. See how adorable they look!

The cats live on a private, protected property.

There is nothing to worry about. No one would ever be able to harm these cats.

Cats are amazing creatures and have all sorts of ideas to have fun. They may love to sleep and be lazy. But when it comes to adventure, they are always ready.

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