Know The Story of Smudge Lord: The Famous Cat From ‘Woman Yelling At Cat’ Meme


There is nothing better than cat memes to cheer someone up. A lot of times we are unaware of the backstory of a cat meme. We only get to see funny pictures of the cat and never get to know about the cat. We are left wondering what was the feline actually up to.

Not every feline gets to be as famous as our beloved late Tardar Sauce, better known as the Grumpy Cat. We are glad to introduce you to Smudge!

This ‘chunky yet funky meme lord’ will eat anything but vegetables. You might be aware of this kitty if you keep a tab on cat memes. Smudge is pretty famous cat.

Here comes the crazy lady!

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No one raises their voice in front of Smudge!

The crazy lady just can’t calm down!

A cat eats what it wants to eat. You never tell a cat what to do!

Look at Arrogant Smudge! Arrogant, but Adorable.

I like memes, cat memes are always better though.

Thank you Canada for giving us Smudge!

Say no to vegetables! Say yes to the junk food! Hope my followers will listen.

Smudge Lord has his own Instagram page as well… A million followers and more!

Were you planning to complain against me? Well, I would like to hear what you have to say.

Cats will always emphasis on what they have to say. Felines never bow down to anyone else.

And the memes continue

This gets more interesting.

This crazy lady got no chills!

Watch the amazing video of Smudge Lord and his story here!

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