10+ Life Hacks To Make A Cat Pawrent’s Life Easier


When you live with a feline companion for years, you become well-versed with “cat issues” and solve them in a matter of seconds. Cat pawrents know how to correct the cat’s behavior, calm him down, and construct snatchers that don’t need to be nailed to the wall. Fortunately, they are all in for sharing the antics of the kitties with people who are fans of these majestic creatures.

#1 The kitty calming device

#2 The cats can now groom themselves without their much dreaded hooman intervention

#3 Pouring some green tea at the bottom of the tray will help deal with the odor problems of a litterbox

#4 Placing a soft fabric, paper, or some soil in the tray will help wean your fluffball from using an incorrect place as a toilet

#5 Adding some dry flowers or cones in the pots will help keep cats from walking on them

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#6 Homemade shelves and bridges are an effective way to reduce conflicts between cats because conflicts result from lack of personal space

#7 Put some masking tape on the table with the sticky side up to wean your cat from walking over the table

#8 Motivate your kitty to use the scratcher by spraying some catnip over it

#9 To solve a furniture destruction fiasco, buy or make a scratcher and put protective tape on the corners of your furniture. Also, throw some cardboard on your furniture until your cat learns to leave it alone and use only the scratcher.

#10 Wrap some jute rope around a table’s leg and bring your cat to it. They’ll love this amazing yet effective scratcher.

#11 This simple toy made out of shoe box and cardboard paper towel tubes is easy to make and will keep your cat engaged for a good amount of time

#12 Cats love climbing, so try making this ladder at home with a wide plank with a rope wrapped around it

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