Man Asks Girlfriend To Choose Between Him And Her Cats


Not everyone loves animals, but treating them with respect is important. How a person treats an animal shows what kind of a person he is. Anyone can treat someone who they want to please nicely. But it is how they treat those who can’t benefit them in any manner shows if the person is good or not.

Noticing these traits early in a person can save you from the peril of wasting your time with such persons. It is true that no one is perfect. But when you are looking for a partner, there are certain things that you can adjust to and others that you can’t.

One cat lady shared her story and it may be quite important for you all to know. The woman and her boyfriend has been living together in the UK and it has been more than a year now. However, one day, a very strange thing happened. The man asked the woman to choose between him and her three cats.

The woman was totally confused and stunned to hear this. But the man did not budge. He was very adamant on his demand. According to the man, the woman uses the cats as an alternative for his love. So it would be better if they are not around.

She has adopted the cats from the shelter. The cats and the lady have a very strong bond. She can’t even think of letting the cats go. The woman tried her best to explain it to her boyfriend, but he is not ready to understand it all. She decided to go to internet for help.

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While nobody said anything to the man, everyone warned the woman to steer clear of the man. If he is not ready to accept the cats right now, it would be best for the two of them to separate. It was a clear rad flag in their relationship.

Cats are no less than a member of the family and even thinking of letting them go is really harsh.

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