Man Installs Camera To Learn Why He Couldn’t Breath While Sleeping


There are people who face issues falling asleep. However, Lomphonten Lomphontan had a unique issue at hand because while he could fall asleep, he couldn’t stay asleep. Apparently, he seemed to have a breathing problem that bothered him only when he slept.

He decided upon installing a camera near his bed to study his sleeping patterns and figure out the cause, but to his surprise, he learnt that it his dreams of being choked to death had some merit – because they were actually happening to him!

You will never believe what was causing this poor man to run out of breath as he slept through the night.

Cat owners have a hard time dealing with this fact, but their affectionate fluffballs can turn on them spontaneously – and you will have no idea when it’s coming.

Meet Achi, a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde kind of a kitty cat, who turns cute and adorable by day and devil by night.

When the darkness takes over, Archi’s true colors begin to shine. However, Lomphonten was ultimately able to use a nightvision camera to discover how breathtaking Archi really was!

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Archi has never been a snuggling type of cat. He does play with human toys every now and then and but only on his own terms and only if it suits him.

Apparently, Archi thinks there’s never a better time to grab your toy and play with it when your owner is fast asleep and cannot monitor what a bad kitty he’s being.

How does Lomphonten not notice the look on Archi’s face! He looks at Lomphonten like he wants to tell him “You day isn’t far, hooman!”

But as fate would have it, Lomphonten faces his doomsday every single night as he sleeps.

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