Man Quits Work To Travel The World With His Cat


Travelling the world is many people’s dream. Imagine if you get to do so with your little furballs. That would the most amazing thing in the world.

Richard East is actually living the life most of us are dreaming about. After ten years of hating his life and doing a corporate job, he finally quit. In May 2015, he left home with his kitty Willow for a never ending adventure. Since then, the two have been exploring the world together. From sailing on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to visiting the old relics, they have done everything.

East said,

Over 10 years, I built up a life for myself in Hobart through my career, I had great job and a nice house but there was always something missing.

Even though he was glad for everything he had, he was unhappy. He felt totally disconnected from the world. One day, he decided to change the way he felt about his life. He got rid of all the stuff that was not required and kept only what made him happy.

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East’s new life included living in a camper van and being more content with his life. He decided that he would only work when necessary. His little rescue cat Willow also was a part of the plan. He couldn’t leave her.

The kitty has always had East’s back and he knew that there was nobody to look after the little furball. East took the kitty along with him.

Willow has a tracking collar so if she did decide to wander off I can find her straight away. She’ll stay close to me and loves to nap on the roof under the solar panel, whereas in winter, she’ll sleep under my blankets all day.

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