Man Shares Hilarious Photo Of Missing Cat Found Doing Pull-Ups


Many of us are stuck indoors due to the ongoing pandemic. Our furry friends have been happy to spend all the extra time they get with us. However, some cats are getting frustrated with this entire scenario. They are happy being left alone and some are least bothered if their hoomans are at home. But it seems that the presence of their hoomans around them 24/7 is definitely bothering them.


Redditor Rick1771 shared the story of the search for his missing cat and it is totally hilarious. Rick1771’s cat Biter is a master of social distancing and cannot stand to be around her hooman the entire day. This mischievous kitty decided to venture out to get some fresh air.

Rick1771 got worried instantly the moment he realized that his cat was missing. Just like any other cat hooman, he began a search party for the kitty. He looked everywhere around his home, but the kitty was nowhere to be found. It was only when he looked out of the window that he found his cat.

Biter was busy hanging from a thin branch. It seemed as if Biter was busy doing pull-ups. Rick1771 even captured the kitty and shared with us. He wrote,

Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out of the window and…

The kitty got a lot of fame and recognition within a few days. She is a Reddit superstar now. The funny picture has already received thousands of up-votes and the numbers are going up with each passing moment. Rick1771 said that even though the cat fell from the tree after her pull-up session, she is completely fine.

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