Maine Coon Cat Sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star With His Human [Watch video]


Cats may not be able to speak like humans. But they make every effort to communicate with their hoomans. Cats even invented the word ‘meow’ just to interact with the hoomans. Cats surprise us every now and then. We have been domesticated them since thousands of years now. And we still don’t know anything about them.

Meet Max, the Maine Coon!

Max the kitty decided to sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ to make his hooman happy. Yes you read that right. Max knows how to sing and it is just pawsome.

This cat not only looks adorable, but also sings adorably. Max is more than happy to sing along with his hooman. The two are purrfectly in sync with one another.

Max’s hooman was more than surprised when the little kitty started meowing in purrfect coordination. It is not only hard for a kitty to do so, but it is even difficult to imagine that a cat is capable of this.

Watch the video of pawsome cat Max singing along his hooman!

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Are you also planning to experiment this thing with your cat? Well, don’t push them too much. Creativity comes naturally, be it humans or cats. You can’t force someone to be creative. Max is a true artist. He was born with this talent. Max only discovered it when his hooman started singing. Maybe, we will soon get to hear his other songs soon! Stay stunned for more updates.

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