Meet Carrot, The Cat Who Has Gone Viral For Stealing Food Directly From The Fridge


All cats have at least one quirk that drives their hooman nuts. A habit that your kitty just can’t seem to get rid of, so you give up and begin to adjust with your feline’s quirk instead.

An obsession with food and play come together for Carrot the cat’s hilarious trick. It’s likely that you have been a witness to what Carrot’s pawrents have had to do to keep him from being this mischievous.

Whenever the hoomans open the refrigerator door, Carrot can’t help but stick his arm in the crack between the fridge and the door. Being familiar with the kitty’s obsession, parents had to stick a sign inside the fridge that reads “check cat arm b4 closing” so they don’t end up hurting their fluffball. They happen to catch a picture of this ordeal at the right moment, that shows why the sign was essential.










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The parents stated that the kitty apparently sees it as a game of sorts that whenever we open the fridge door, he sticks his arm through the crack in an attempt to catch them. When Carrot’s pics went viral on the internet, comments poured in from all over and some also highlighted the concerns of how he could get hurt.






But fortunately, the owners say he has never been hurt. Moreover, theirs is only a house of two and they are extremely careful whenever they open the fridge. They put up the sign just to be sure that things never go south should they forget about the little kittie’s arm.

However, his parents love Carrot because he’s just so adorable, even though his antics sometimes stress them out.




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