Meet Marla: The Cat That Resembles Steve Buscemi


You wouldn’t have ever met such a surprising cat in your life! This is for real and not photo shopped at all. There are many cats that resemble humans, but have you ever seen a cat who resembles an actor. The actor we are talking about is none other than Steve Buscemi.

Meet Marla! This kitty has an uncanny resemblance to actor Steve Buscemi.

Are we right or are we right!? This kitty is the feline version of Steve Buscemi.

Marla and her sister were taken to shelter home for putting them up for adoption.

Marla’s sister got adopted quickly.

Little Marla didn’t find her furrever home until next two years.

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See for yourself and tell us if this kitty resembles Steve Buscemi or not.

Our Marla is just as cool as Buscemi.

Here’s one hilarious Marla meme! Isn’t it hilarious?

Buscemi cannot use facial recognition anymore. What if Marla unlocks it? The kitty can make good use of Buscemi’s phone.

Steve Buscemi is not the only one that this kitty resembles. Look here the great Christopher Walken! This kitty is multi-talented.

Another one resembling Willem Dafoe! What is this kitty up to? Is she trying to be the next most popular star of all times? Well, we are already impressed!

Marla imitating Bill Skarsgard. This kitty won’t stop at anything. She believes in herself.

Even though Marla had to wait for a while to find furrever home, she got what she deserved. Her hoomans not only love and pamper her, but they respect her for who she is. Marla’s family is intrigued by her talent. They can’t stop marveling at the beauty of this cat.

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