Meet the new Grumpy Cat Going Viral On The Internet!


It is hard to replace the Grumpy Cat. But the internet is going crazy over the new Grumpy Cat. It seems that this new kitty has the true essence of grumpiness. The cat has got everyone’s attention and must be added amongst the angriest felines of the world.

Meet the giant fluff Meow Meow from Taiwan! Our new Grumpy Cat!

The cat’s owner reports that she is elegant. Even when she was in hospital for the treatment of hyperthyroidism, she did not let go of her grace. Well, being graceful does not mean loving her visitors. The cat hated every minute of it.

Once an elegant cat, always an elegant cat!

Even when expressing disgust, the new Grumpy Cat is careful enough to be graceful.

Look how adorable she looks while showcasing her anger!

We just can’t leave the kitty alone by herself. Her hoomans are used to the grumpiness.

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That frown doesn’t go away.

Well, Meow Meow would be completely incomplete without the frown.

The dark fur under her eyes further adds to her grumpy look.

Meow Meow’s grumpy stares also indicates that she is a very wise cat. Despite her grumpiness, she loves her hoomans and ensures that troubles stay far away from them.

We are glad to find the new Grumpy Cat. Some amusement for the lock down period. The internet is going crazy over the grumpiness of this kitty. This kitty never gets tired of being grumpy. Her frown doesn’t go away even when she is asleep. We wonder why this kitty is so grumpy. Is she frowning at the ways we treat our cats? Well, the mystery remains unsolved.

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