Meet The Oldest Cat In The World Who Just Turned 32


The world’s oldest cat alive, Rubble, has just turned 32 and we are extremely glad to wish another birthday to the good jolly fella.

Rubble made his 30th milestone back in the May of 2018 and as per what his Wikipedia page suggests, Rubble still holds the title for the oldest cat alive in the world.

#1 This good-lookin’ Maine Coon Turns 32 To Become World’s Oldest Cat

#2 Foster, Rubble’s Owner, Had Brought Him Home For Her 20th Birthday. Look At That Little Cremepuff!

#3 If Rubble At The Age Of 30 Was Equivalent To 137 Human Years, You’re Looking At A 150 Year Old Cat Here

Owing to his old age, Rubble does not like extravagant celebrations or being surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Being surrounded by a lot of people and excessive noise could stress out any cat, let alone such an old cat.

#4 Amazingly, Rubble Is In Great Health And Taking Meds To Regulate High Blood Pressure

#5 Another Baby Rubble Pic Because We’re Smitten For This Kitten!

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#6 Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty

Rubble had spent his 30th birthday at his veterinarian’s clinic, where he was the beneficiary of some Felix cat food along with Whiskas Catmilk after which he was also gifted a free check-p and a month’s worth of medication by the vet. Dr. Dhaun Moore, Rubble’s vet, claims that Rubble’s health is still exceptionally well given his old age.

#7 Happy Birthday, Rubble! Here’s To Wishing You A Longer Life And Lots Of Love

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