Missing Cat Found After Eight Years In A Different Country


A rescue cat was found eight years after she went missing from her home in London. The surprising thing is that this kitty was found far away from her London home. This kitty somehow managed to travel all the way to Paris, France, 280 miles away. Surely, one hell of a cat walk.

Meet Moon Unit, the cat who got away!

Her hoomans Marna Gilligan and Sean Purdy found it absolutely absurd that their cat was in Paris. They had lost all hopes of seeing their cat ever again. It was a bit hard to believe at first that it was actually their cat.

Purdy explained that the Kennel Club has sent them an email. They said that they have found a cat whose contact details matched with their missing cat. The contact information showed that the mail was from France.

Purdy further said,

I emailed the French cat rescue place (L’Association d’Aide et de Defense des Animaux en Detresse, ADAD) and we exchanged description, pictures and chip ID info… the white patch on her nose is ‘v’ distinctive, as are the huge white whiskers.

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Eventually the cat’s hooman got to know that she was found near a train station. No wonder the kitty managed to get to Paris somehow. Gilligan and Purdy immediately started looking into the procedure of getting Moon Unit home. They had to get the kitty a pet passport.

Purdy said that Moon Unit was always loyal to him. He also explained how Moon Unit scratched everyone except him. She stayed with Purdy for three years before she went missing. Despite their efforts to find the cat, she was nowhere to be found. It was only almost a decade later that they finally found her.

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