Mom invites a Garfield Cat to have Dinner with her Daughters


mKids who love cats are a huge fan of fat tabby Garfield. The lazy kitty that hates Mondays and loves pasta has everyone’s heart.

Clara Edwards has two little daughters who started watching “Garfield” a few months back and since then, Garfield is their all time favorite. Her two daughters are aged four and two years old. For them, Garfield is as real as any other kitty.

Recently, Clara made Garfield’s favorite dish for her daughters and they demanded that Garfield should also join them. Clara said,

She just started crying because she thought Garfield would be there to eat lasagna with her.


This upset Clara and she really wanted to fulfill her daughter’s wish. As odd as her daughter’s wish was, it was impossible for Clara to explain her daughter. She didn’t want to break her daughter’s heart so she came up with an idea.

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Edwards don’t own a cat and Garfield being a fiction character, it was impossible to invite it home for dinner. She decided to ask for help and made fliers to seek public help. One of the twitter users, @lauren_jade44, the flier was completely hilarious. But she shared it on her twitter account to help the Edwards family.

Clara mentioned in the flier that she needs to borrow an orange cat for a lasagna dinner with the family. She also explained that she will take good care of the cat and won’t force it to eat lasagna. Clara clarified that she didn’t want to adopt the kitty, but only borrow it for a day or two.

Surprisingly, the flier was retweeted by more than 10,000 twitter users. Many people even offered their cat looking like Garfield and uploaded their pictures. Finally, Clara was able to find a suitable cat for the special lasagna dinner.


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