Mother Tries To Lure Her Daughter Back Home Early By Sending Cute Cat Pictures


When it comes to taking care of pets, our parents are way better at it than us. They will send you every minutes update. It doesn’t matter that the cat is taking a nap or simply sitting, our parents find every little detail really important. A mother sent her daughter pictures of her cat while she was at her boyfriend’s home and it is totally adorable. Here are some of those adorable pictures.


“Does your cat also need coffee in bed just like you? He is not waking up. I am getting worried now. I hope he is okay. Should I take him to the vet?”


“How long does this nap last? I have other things to do. Now I know why you won’t get up when the cat is asleep in your lap.”


Everybody loves a cat sleeping peacefully. The only time when you get to do your work without any disturbance. But isn’t the adorable cat enough to distract you?


When you mom tries to lure you into coming back home earlier and it actually works.

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You can only expect a cat to do this much. What else do you want him to do?


“Hooman, it’s definitely your mom who is missing you. I am completely fine without you. In fact, your mom takes better care of me. But I am missing all the gossip from your college.”


“Hooman, your mom is trying to clean up all the mess I created. You know I have put in lots of efforts in this. Please come back before she cleans up everything.”


That’s an important task for every cat, especially when the winter is here.


“Hooman, I don’t think I can hold back you mom any longer. She is very keep on cleaning all this up. Where are you!”


“You had me in the first step, but do we have to do the rest. I suppose this is all I can do for now.”

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