My Colleague Brought A Pregnant Stray Cat Into Our Office, Now The Family Of Nine Has Their Own Meeting Room


One day while going to work, Yvonne met a stray cat who was pregnant. The cat innocently meowed at people who walked into the office. The kitty looked young and was happy to get some attention. She was looking to get some help.

Luckily, the kitty was outside the right office. At Holmes & Marchant Shanghai, there were many cat ladies who would love to help the pregnant kitty.

Yvonne took the kitty into the office and named her Boba. It just suited the cat’s round body. With the help of some colleges, Yvonne put a litter box, food and cushy bedding for the kitty in a spare meeting room.

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While waiting to give birth to her kittens, Boba was very friendly to everyone in the office. The cat was happy that she had a safe place to give birth to her babies.

After a stormy night, we found that Boba has given birth to eight little adorable kittens.

After feeding and cleaning her little kittens, Boba was completely exhausted. She gave birth to four girls and four boys.

Boba was an amazing and responsible young cat. At first, it was difficult to tell the kittens apart. Among the two kittens, one was calico, two were gingers and five were tabbies.

The kittens and Bobo were completely safe under the protection of the cat ladies in the office. Eventually after two weeks, the kittens started opening their eyes.

After a months, the kittens were shifted to a bigger room. Now, they have an entire meeting room to themselves. They get everyone’s love in the office.

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