Neighbor Tries To Steal Family’s Cat, Family Gets Cat Back By Singing


It’s always good to be aware of the people you live around. Some neighbors can be good, but some can be really bad and do evil things to you. One such evil thing happened to a family whose neighbors tried to steal their cat. This story is really pawsome and you have to read it till the end to know what happened.

A cat called Romeo lives with his siblings and mother in the house of this family. The cat was on medication as he suffered from a heart murmur. Everything was going purrfectly fine until one day.

One day Romeo didn’t come back at the dinner time. This never happened as the cat always returned home when it was time for dinner. After thirty six hours of cat went missing, the family decided to look for the cat. One little girl in the family eventually spotted the cat in a neighbor’s window.

The family decided to approach their neighbor immediately and ask for the cat. However, the neighbor refused and said that it was female stray cat which she had saved. The family went ahead to contact the police and ask for help.

However, the police said that they will have to wait for sometime. Since the cat was on meds and couldn’t miss them, the family had to do something to bring back the cat home immediately. What the family did next is truly intriguing. Read on!

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This family had a special song for everything they did. The songs were also an indication for the cats. The can-can song was the most favorite of all for the cats. The kids of the family knew what they had to do to bring the cat back.

So they went ahead and sang the special can-can song. That was all that they had to do. Before the neighbor knew it, the cat was creating a huge mess in her living room. The neighbor had no choice but to return the cat. Well, once a part of the family, cats are always a part of the family.

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