Owner Accidentally Starts War Between Dog And Cat, And The Winner is Obvious


It all began with treating a cat with new cat condo. Here’s the entire story about a fight between a dog and a cat.

Whenever it comes to a fight between cats and dogs, cats always win. No matter how hard you try to defeat them, they are always one step ahead of you. So coming to this story. When the cat’s hooman gave the kitty a new cat condo, the dog got really jealous.

The poor fuzzy ball didn’t even last for a day. In order to take revenge, the kitty decided to scratch the dog’s Frisbee. But as the Frisbee was super solid, the kitty’s efforts went into waste. The kitty kept on planning his revenge for days while having fun with his fuzzy ball.

However, when the dog saw this, he tore the fuzzy ball. Apparently, this time the kitty’s plan worked. Look what the kitty did. It is pretty smart and stinky too.

The kitty knew that nothing would be better than this. He wouldn’t have to use too much strength also.

So what if the dog destroyed the cat’s favorite toy. The kitty went ahead and pooped on the dog’s most beloved toy. Now, that’s why you can never win if there is a cat on the other side. You should have learnt your lesson earlier, poor dog.

Here’s the reaction of the furry creatures! Just pawsomely depicted!

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So, moral of the story is never ever fight with a cat you will always lose, no matter what you do.

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