Owner Finds A Paper Collar Attached To Her Cat’s Neck After She Returns Home From Toby Carvery


Cole Clark doesn’t worry when it comes to let her kitty venture out on her own. Her Siberian feline is eleven years old and knows her way around. However, one day something strange happened.

The kitty came back with a note, which read,

Does this cat have a home. Always at Toby Carvery.

The Siberian cat has been keeping secrets from his hooman. But one day, everything was revealed when her hooman got a note attached to the kitty.

According to the note, the Siberian cat Tula has a separate life of his own. The kitty was going out to beg for food at the local Toby Carvery restaurant in Abbey Meads, Swindon.

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Clark said,

When I found out Tula was frequenting the Carvery, I was hugely amused and not overly surprised. She will go wherever her quest for meat takes her.

Clark got to know that Tula was visiting Toby Carvery frequently. She had to herself go down to the restaurant to explain that Tula had a home.

Talking about the staff’s reaction, Clark said,

The staff were thrilled that she wasn’t a stray and told me that they had tried to pick her up by bribing her with prawns, but she ate the prawns, then ran off! Tula is normally at the carvery for lunchtime and often dinnertime. She even pops back for supper sometimes.

Tula’s hooman said that it was not the first time that the kitty has ventured out asking for food.

Tula has a history of following her nose and used to frequent an old people’s home where the old folks would feed her meat paste sandwiches!

Tula is totally a queen. She has a complete sense of entitlement.

Letting your cat venture out all by itself may not turn out to be good. So be very careful when you allow your cat to do that. They may end up finding another hooman or home for themselves. This doesn’t mean that you lock them in.

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