Owner Leaves A Cat Cam To Check Up On Her Cat While She’s Gone, Finds Heartbreaking Footage That Shows How The Cat Missed Her


Cat owners often doubt if their cats love them or not. People often think that cats are insensitive and selfish. Felines like to do their thing and not care much about showing their affectionate side to the humans. You must have often heard your friends who own cats reassuring themselves that their cat loves them.

One cat lover came up with an innovative idea to test her cat. Alexa left her cat Glenn all alone at home and went to her parent’s home. She wanted to make sure that her cat was safe, so she installed a surveillance camera to keep an eye on her cat.

Alexa was surprised when she returned home. Her kitty treated her so sweetly and it felt as if she was calling her ‘mom’. Alexa checked the surveillance camera to see how her cat reacted.

While reviewing the tape, Alexa observed that her kitty recognized her car’s sound and immediately went to the door.

Alexa felt bad after seeing how what her kitty did in her absence. Without any doubt, Alexa knew that her kitty loved her very much.

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In order to prove all the people out there that cats love their hoomans, Alexa shared the video footage on TikTok. She even captioned the video saying ‘evidence’. This was a purrfect caption.

Alexa shared,

The catcam was originally supposed to make the owner feel better about leaving Glenn at home. It was heartbreaking! We’re looking to get another cat soon so he’ll have company in the future.

It’s been two years since Glenn and Alexa have been living together. In fact, Glenn herself walked into Alexa’s life and it’s pawsome.

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