10+ Pet Parents Share Stories How Their Pet’s Intelligence Amazed Them


It is certainly not uncommon for pets to behave in unpredictable ways and there do exist plenty of pet owners who have refrained from scolding their pets when they do something wrong. Of course, finding a common language that your pets can understand can be quite challenging, especially since sometimes it appears as though they come from a completely different planet. But one thing is for sure, that every pawrents enjoys bragging about how intelligent and smart their pets are.

We have compiled some of the best stories coming straight for pet parents that we found incredibly crafty.

#1 Corgi, The Cop

My border collie mix does this! My cats scratch at the carpet a lot when they stretch, I used to have to go over and stop them because yelling at them didn’t work. Now I don’t even have to get up, all I have to say is, “get that bad cat” and my dog will stop them. Most of the time I don’t even have to tell her anymore, the second you hear the cat scratching, she’s running off to stop them. She also does it if they’re doing anything she knows isn’t allowed, like touching our food, jumping on tables, etc. I have ferrets too and she’ll do the same thing to them if they try to dig at the carpet.

#2 This Cattle Dog Aced The Memory Test

The smartest dog we’ve ever had was a cattle dog. One day we figured out she had learned (without us trying to teach her) everyone’s name in the house. My mom just decided to try it and said, “Go get utspg1980…” and the dog walked past 2 other family members, came into my room, and barked at me. We all split up into different rooms of the house and took turns saying, “Go to ____” and she went to the right person each time.

#3 Like We Didn’t Know Cats With Evil Plans Already

My cat knocks packaged food items off the countertop, waits for the dog to tear them open, and then moves in for the prize.

#4 They Were In Cahoots

We used to have a basset hound with an iron stomach. To keep her out of the trash, we put the can on a step stool so she couldn’t reach it. Somehow she kept getting in the trash and we couldn’t figure out how. Until one day we caught the cat getting on the window sill near the trash and knocking it over for the dog. Little smarties work together to eat!

#5 The Game Was Pretty Much Over

My cat figured out where the red dot comes from and started swatting the laser pointer out of my hands.

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#6 Vigilance Is Key

We’ve got a Tree Walker Coonhound mixed with a Beagle. When it’s bedtime, if everyone goes upstairs and I stay downstairs for a couple of minutes to lock doors/shut off lights/etc. — she comes back down to herd me upstairs.

#7 The Negotiator

My beagle used to steal stuff and not give it back until you traded things to him for food. He especially loved my bras because he learned that dragging one onto the front lawn was guaranteed to make me come running.

#8 The Dog’s Ancestors Were Einstein’s Neighbors, May Be?

My dog hurt his paw and would walk with one front paw all around the house. He’d look sad and mope around and my mom felt bad for him so she’d give him a treat to get his mind off his hurt paw. Well, eventually he realized if he walked around like that, my mom would give him treats. And he did this for a while, but he wouldn’t do it when I was there. It wasn’t until my mom brought it up and I told her he was faking that we figured it out.

#9 Motivation Can Do Wonderous Things

My dog’s favorite toy is his Kong. It’s this snowman-shaped toy that you fill with kibble/snacks and it drops treats the more they play with it, throw it, drop it, etc. Basically, he figured out that the more it bounced, the more likely it was that treats would come out. So in the middle of the night, my husband wakes up because of a loud constant pounding noise and is like, “What’s going on?” It turned out it was our dog running to the top of the stairs, dropping his Kong down the steps, and then running back down and collecting all the treats that had fallen out. On repeat.

#10 They Are Smart, But Humans Are Smarter

I had a hamster that had herself set up between the food bowl and the water bottle. She’d nap sitting up between the 2 — leaning one way for food, the other for water, and then lying back down. I eventually disrupted her very comfy looking setting in hopes of getting her to move around more. Hamsters are supposed to run!

#11 The Protector Of The Infant

My cat was being weird and looking super aggressive about my son following him around. There was a bat in the house I did not know about, but she did. Then the bat appeared, flew at my son on the couch, and she mid-air snatched it and held it, howling and furious for like a few long minutes with no chance of letting it go, even to kill it. And boy did she want to murder it. I came over with a bucket. She moved her paw just as I put the bucket down on the bat. She protected my son and worked with me to remove it. This cat has voluntarily slept in his room for 3 years and counting, since that happened. Love that cat.

#12 Tale Of A Persistent Cat

My cat used to meow loudly next to me so I would wake up to feed her earlier, but I learned to sleep through it. Then she would nudge or nip me, so I would hide under blankets. Then she started chewing on my wooden furniture to wake me up, so I taped everything with double sided tape. Now she just knocks over anything she can. She’s winning right now.

#13 The Psychic Cat

One morning my cat just started fussing over my mom, trying to lick her face constantly, and all that. Later when my mom sat down on the sofa, the cat got into her lap, which is bizarre because the cat literally only ever sits in my dad’s lap. She NEVER sits in anyone else’s lap. We were so confused, the cat was just really paying attention to my mom for some reason. Then, out of nowhere, my mom’s heart starts beating at over 200 bpm. She suffers from recurring episodes of tachycardia that she has to go to the hospital to stop. When she got home, the cat had calmed down, and we all realized that the cat had seen it coming! Somehow she had realized that something was wrong with my mom and had paid special attention to her all day because of it. We still have no clue how.

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