Cat Parents are Using Their Free Time To Crochet Tiny Couches For Their Cats


As the lockdown across the globe keeps people indoors, most have turned towards Netflix and Disney+ to pass the idle time. However, there is another group of people who are using this time to pursue hobbies or try out a new craft.

These adorable mini crochet couches began gaining popularity in recent months with the lockdown keeping people indoors. However, the idea has been around on the internet for a much longer time. In fact, one entry dates all the way back to the year 2009! After over a decade of coining the idea, it has finally become a trend and kitties all over are rejoicing these couches.


As it turns out, some yarn and a big imagination, you can accomplish quite a bit. Not only that, the cattos seem to be enjoying these crochet couches as well. They definitely will make your furrball feel comfortable, and all the cuteness overdose is cherry on the cake! If you are into cats or crocheting, or both, this list is tailor-made for you!



Crocheting communities, like on platforms such as Reddit, enjoy floating their ideas and patterns they use around so others can make good use of it. This, at times, results in a trend when some people pick up these ideas. Crochet cat couch is undeniably one of the best crochet trends. The trend is going strong with more and more people posting pics of their catto deriving pleasure from their brand-new crochet couch!



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Head over to the pics that we have put together for your pleasure and see if you like these couches! Have you crafted something similar? Perhaps you could add something from these pics! Scroll through and be sure to share these adorable pics with friends and family!






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