People Can’t Figure Out The Cat In This Christmas Tree. Can You Spot Him?


This year went in a blur and Christmas would be here soon. At least we have something to look forward to towards the end of this year. Christmas trees are the essence of this holiday season. However, our furry friends share a slightly different perspective when it comes to Christmas trees.

For cats, Christmas trees are just another source of entertainment and fun. It is a huge climbing towers with lots of little toys hanging around. The best part for felines is that you can climb the Christmas tree, hide inside it or even steal some gifts.

As hard as you may try, you all know that it is impossible to keep the cats away from Christmas trees. Sometimes, cats even end up thrashing the beautiful Christmas trees by pushing them to the ground. Our little felines surely have the courage and the muscle to do this. However, Lucifer had different plans.

Lucifer’s hooman mom Kathryn Welsh shared the cat’s usual routine.

She said,

Every year he is in the tree. I had to stop getting a real tree as he was just a little devil. In the tree, drinking the water, knocking things off it. As he’s gotten older, he thinks it’s more fun to hide, then pounce when you least expect it.

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Welsh said that after decorating the Christmas tree, she was standing there and admiring it. Suddenly, she felt as if someone was watching her, but who? And then Welsh locked eyes with Lucifer.

There was just a feeling of being watched. We then locked eyes — he thought he was being so stealthy.

Welsh even captured the kitty and challenged everyone to spot the kitty. It was really hard to find the kitty as we all know that cats are experts when it comes to hiding.

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