People Who Hoped For A Sea Of Cat Love But Got An Ocean Of Problems (10 Pics)


Cats have funny ways of showing that they love us. Some say that scratching their hoomans is a way that cats use to mark their territory. Well, so does biting for that reason. Ultimately, these furry paws are only trying to convey their love to us. Adopting a cat may sound easy peasy, but there’s a huge mess and a sea of problems that they bring along. In order to get something, you have to give something too. Despite all the troubles, living with a cat is one of the best feelings in the world.

#1 In case your toothbrush goes missing, better check with your cat.

#2 When you ask your cat not to sit on the keyboard, he will find a better place to sit on.

#3 Leaving your cat alone at home with no food? It will definitely find something to eat. Looks for bite marks on the bagels before you eat them.

#4 This kitty hates getting clicked. Bit his hooman when they were trying to get a decent family picture with him. Ask your cat for permission before clicking a picture with them.

#5 This cat will retaliate soon and it won’t look good.

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#6 When you let your cat sleep in your bed, don’t use your favorite blanket.

#7 When a stray cat decides to destroy your garden, it won’t stop after breaking two pots. Whose kitty is it anyway?

#8 When your cat needs a view, it won’t ask you without creating one. So if you have not removed your window blinds already, you might get to witness this.

#9 “Gave my kitty an empty box. This was how I found it after waking up.”

#10 “Let me help you get some work done.”

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