‘Permanently sad’ cat becomes viral because of her face markings


We have heard about different kinds of cats. But here is something new for you all. Have you ever heard about a cat with funny facial expression? This story is about a cat who stays furrever sad. You all must be reminded about the iconic Grumpy cat. The giant fluffy cat from Thailand named Meow Meow.

But this time we are talking about a different kitty. This stray kitty is from China and has unique facial expressions that make him look upset all the time.

Simpson Xin, a Chinese woman, shared a footage on Doyuin which instantly went viral and got more than two million views.

Moggie, the kitty, looks sad all the time. Simpson wanted to take the kitty home, but she had a pet already. People are already loving the sad kitty Moggie. The unique looking cat already has everyone’s love.

The black spots under the cat’s eyes make him look upset all the time. Simpson keeps a check on the kitty and visits him regularly. She even brings food for the kitty every day. The only thing keeping Simpson from adopting Moggie is that she already has a cat.

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A certified feline training and behaviour specialist, Molly De Voss said,

When one ends up in the shelter, they are usually quick to get adopted—perhaps by someone who wants to own the next feline internet sensation.

The specialist also shared that Persian cats usually have a grumpy look as they have a flat face, low brow and down-turned mouth. Werewolf cats known as Lykoi also have distinct features with piercing yellow eyes bald cheeks and thin fur.

Here’s what people have to say about this sad kitty!

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