Photographer Takes Pawsome Photos Of Cats And Their Human Doppelgangers


It is said that a person has seven doppelgangers in this world. Out of billions of people around the globe, seven people can look similar. Finding your human doppelganger could be really surprising. But what if there is a cat that looks similar to you? Yes, there is a possibility that this could happen too. Gerrard  Gethings is a professional animal photographer who took up this interesting topic in his recent project.

The portraits that he prepared show uncanny resemblance between the humans and cats. The look, color and hair, everything looks so similar that you just can’t ignore it. Gethings selected some models and dressed them up to look exactly like the cats. All the efforts put in surely bore fruits as you will see in these pictures below.


Both the cat and his human doppelganger are too bored to do anything. These expressions say it more clearly.


The resemblance is truly uncanny and cannot be ignored. This is why it is always said that cats are more like humans.


“Who wants to join the cat-man gang? You will have to qualify the test first.”


Like hooman, like cat. It is often said we become like the people we hang out with.


The black men rise once again. Everybody can go to sleep peacefully now as they are here to protect you.

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There couldn’t be a more perfect match for this cat. Both of them hate water and taking a bath.


Everyone is scared of the cat and this lady. When they walk into a room, nobody dares to speak a word.


The cat got the looks of his detective hooman. No thief ever escapes them.


Another cat-human doppelganger pair. They seem pretty angry at something.


“Mirror, mirror! on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all?”

What are your views about these doppelgangers? Isn’t it just surprising to see the magical resemblance between these cats and humans? Share this post with all the cat lovers around!

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