Photos That Prove Cats Will Do Everything In Their Power To Stop You From Finishing Your Puzzle


Cats hate puzzles till the time they are not a part of it. They hate it when their hoomans spend more time solving a puzzle than adoring or pampering them. In fact, cats hate anything and everything that has got their hooman’s attention. Puzzles is the last thing on this earth that cat hoomans will have time for. Till the time you are living with a cat, all your time is theirs. You have no other option. And who would even want an option other than spending time with these pawsome beings.

Here are some cats that will do anything and everything to keep their hoomans from solving puzzles. Their efforts are totally hilarious. Have a look and you will agree too!


“My cat took the last piece of puzzle, hid in the closet and fell asleep. I spent my entire day finding the last puzzle piece.”


Cat is where the puzzle is. They can’t sleep till the time they finish the puzzle, so they sleep on top of it.


“No hooman, not today. I want to spend some alone time with you. We will do this puzzle some other time.”


This is what my cat does when he gets hungry and I am busy solving the puzzle. I have no other option but to feed him first.”


“I wanted to sit here, hooman. So I shifted the puzzle. It looks better like this.”

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When the cat wants to be decorated with puzzle pieces, you simply follow what he says.


“Hooman, do you want to play puzzle today? I think it would be fun.”


“Every time I want to do puzzle, my cat does this. I have lost most of the puzzle pieces now. All thanks to my cat.”


“My cat decided to let me do the puzzle and then he had a change of heart. Now I have to watch him sleep instead. He looks adorable though.”


Cats hate puzzles so they eat the puzzle pieces. No puzzle, no problems!

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