Pictures Of A Cat With A Human-Like Face Is Going Viral, And We Can’t Unsee It


Valkyrie is an adorable Maine Coon kitten aged 2 months who has recently invited widespread attention from all over the internet and has become an internet sensation overnight. Why, you ask? Well, Valkyrie has a very “human-like” face.

We have put together some pictures of Valkyrie that Tatania has put up on Instagram from everybody to see. Check out how unrealistic this kitty looks. Also, don’t forget to share pictures of this wonderous kitty with your friends and family!






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The current proprietor of this majestic Main Coon, Tatiana Rastorgueva, happened to share a few videos and pics of Valkyrie on her Instagram handle and people quickly fell in love with this bizarre looking kitten. People also quickly began to share these pictures and soon, the kitty became a worldwide phenomenon with people from across the world staring in awe of what a wonderful resemblance this kitty has with a human face.





What could, perhaps, be the reason for this special trait of this Maine Coon? Although it is hard to speculate, we believe it is her bone construction. Or maybe, her little and sensible eyes that are making this feline look so “human.”



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