Popular Movie Makers and Their Funny Catto Versions


Twitter never fails to surprise the netizens with jokes, and we have run into a perfect one for both, movie as well as cat lovers. A twitter user has posted cat versions of the most popular directors like Tarantino. But do not be fooled, plenty of directors other than the beloved Quentin Tarantino featured in these funny pics.

The kitty pictures almost immediately took over the internet. The viral pics were shared by tons of twitter users and everybody was in awe of the hilariousness of these pics. Among others who are part of this hilarious series of pics is Coppolas, Kubrick, among several other popular artists.

We have hand-picked these pics only for our readers. Check out the full list to see if your favorite director appears in this hilarious list. If you are a movie buff or an avid catto lover, scroll through these bone-tickling pictures and don’t forget to share with friends and family!

#1 Quentin Tarantino

#2 Tim Burton

#3 Francis Ford Coppola

#4 Christopher Nolan

#5 Taika Waititi

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#6 Wes Anderson

#7 Guillermo del Toro

#8 Michael Bay

#9 Martin Scorsese

#10 Steven Spielberg

#11 David Cronenberg

#12 Greta Gerwig

#13 Sergio Leone

#14 David Lynch

#15 Ari Aster

#16 J. J. Abrams

#17 Stanley Kubrick

#18 Pedro Almodóvar

#19 David Fincher

#20 Sofia Coppola

#21 Jim Jarmusch

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