Precious Moments Of Cats Experiencing Things For The First Time


A child’s first time is very special. The first step, the first outing, the first day at school and the list goes on. Just like that, our furballs also get pretty excited or maybe terrified when they see something for the first time. Here are some first time experiences of some cats and they are truly pawsome. Have a look!

#1 “How come these humans come up with such pawsome things. We have to do something before they start ruling us.”

#2 “And I thought I was the most majestic thing in this world. Just look at these lights and the star on the top.”

#3 When you bring a new born home and your cat is astonished. “Are you replacing me? Why? What did I do wrong?”

#4 “Took my cat in snow for the first time. This is how he reacted. He was really scared.”

#5 Catnip can be too much for your cat. Just be careful when it’s their first time.

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#6 When you take your cat outside for the first time and he realises that he has more choices. “How dare you confine me your small house! I will go out for a stroll by myself tonight. I need to explore more.”

#7 This cat got scared the minute he stepped out and decided to return home immediately.

#8 This cat has been trying to bite off the watermelon for an hour now. We don’t see any progress.

Share your cat’s first time experiences with us. Was your kitty happy, excited or terrified? Let us know in the comments below.

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