Prison Sees Change In Prisoners After Shelter Cats Are Brought In


Cats are pawsome animals and they get a lot of attention from everyone around them. The felines have been ruling the world since ages and they are becoming even more popular with time. There definitely has to be some reason behind the popularity of cats. Let’s find out!

Cats have therapeutic benefits and they make people feel uplifted. A prison in Indiana observed this when they took some cats from a shelter and saw the impact they had on the inmates. A program called F.O.R.W.A.R. was started by the Animal Protection League and Pendleton Correctional Facility in 2015.

The idea behind the program was to allow the inmates to take care of the cats and it turned out to be successful for all the parties involved. Many shelter cats had become antisocial due to the mistreatment that they have received.

Due to this reason, it was difficult for many cats to get adopted. The program is helping the cats to trust people again so that they can find their furrever homes easily. The inmates groom, clean and feed the cats because of which the cats become more trusting of people.

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The program is not only beneficial for the cats, but prison inmates as well. They are learning how to take care of other creatures.

Director of APL, Maleah Stringer, shared,

I’ve had offenders tell me when they got an animal, it was the first time they can remember they were allowing themselves to care about something, to love something.

The inmates are learning to be responsible and how to interact without using any non-violent methods. They give cats the unconditional love, which is quite alien to the inmates. This program has been an inspiration for many as similar programs have popped up in the United States of America.

The MCKC Program has reduced offender idleness, taught offenders about responsibility and increased their self-esteem. Since the program’s inception, offenders have been motivated to enroll in school, obtain jobs, obey unit rules and improve their hygiene so that they may become MCKC participants.

Cats are amazing and they always bring happiness for everyone around them. Many people might feel that the felines are selfish and mean, but this is not true at all. You just need to meet a cat and spend some time with it to know what cats are like. Before that, it would be really wrong to judge cats.


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