10+ Times Bad Kitties Were Publicly Shamed For Their Horrible Yet Hilarious Crimes


If you ever make a list of shameless creatures, the cats will top that list without a shadow of doubt. They carry themselves with an attitude that says “I rule all” and leave a trail of birds and mice in their path. Well, some feline owners have had it with their furry companion’s demeaning behavior and want everybody to realize just how terrible their cats are by publicly shaming them online.

We have put together some of the best pics from the Instagram handle so our readers can rejoice in the funny crimes of these cattos as their owners uncover what weird creature they are dealing with regularly. Scroll through these hilarious pics, they are sure to have you grab your stomach out of laughter. And, don’t forget to share the fun with your friends and family!






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@cat_shaming is an Instagram handle that provides public service allowing pawrents to shame their cattos. Photos of their fluffballs either during or after the criminal acts are captured and posted. From cats urinating in the owner’s bag to rolling around in fresh paint, these cats have made it clear that they just do not give a damn.







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