Purrfectly Weird Cats That Are Totally Hilarious


The words cat and dramatic go hand in hand. One would be completely useless without the other one. We have seen cats doing weird things and being overdramatic at times. But don’t you think that without these two things, our cats would be incomplete. Just like our world would be without cats and all the hilarious things that these furry paws do.

Here is a pawsome collection of hilarious cat pictures busy doing their own thing. You will be glad that you got to meet these cats.


This cat is pretty excited about his new ears.


A cat is always satisfied with its own company. It needs nobody else.


An empty box is all a cat ever wishes for. The size of the box is totally irrelevant.


The immense happiness of seeing your cat walk on two legs cannot be described because this happens rarely.


Cats go on trying till they succeed. We hope your thirst gets quenched at some point.

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Cats do a lot of weird stuff at times. But they are always hilarious. We may not understand why cats do what they do, but we definitely find them really funny. It’s good to see someone around you doing what they want and not caring about the opinions of others. Maybe cats will motivate us to follow our hearts too.


Nobody can steal from a cat, so don’t even try.


You just can’t touch a cat without its permission. Else, the consequences can be really painful.


“Let’s see what grass tastes like. It’s so easily available.”

Cats never get tired of trying new things. It’s their zeal and enthusiasm for life that force them into different adventures. What’s a life that is not lived well? Cats know how to get the most out of everything, even if it means experimenting with new food.


When your cat takes charge of the new rabbit in the house.

What does your cat do that you find weird? Do share with us in the comments below.

Purrfect Cat Pictures To Brighten Your Day

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