Rapper Makes A Song On Giving His Cat A Bath And It’s Pawsome! [Watch Video]


Watching cats is one thing. But listening to someone who makes a song about giving cats a bath is totally crazy.

A Portland, Oregon based rapper Behold Moshow (Dwayne Molock) spits bars about cats and its pawsome. He released a video with his cat Ravioli and you can’t miss it any cost. The song is all about giving the cat a bath. We all know cats hate water and bathing is a nightmare for them. But here we are turning this terrifying moment into an enjoyable one.

If you have a cat, you already know that its next to impossible to give your kitty a bath. Either it will run away or create a huge mess. At the end, only your kitty will be clean and you would have to clean up your entire home including yourself.

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Moshow did it all while freestyling. Now, he definitely deserves a medal for this. Every cat hooman wants to know what is the secret potion. Well, if you are actually wondering about it, just stop. Because our friend here is super talented and nobody else should even try this.

The kitty doesn’t seem to be enjoying it much, but cat hoomans love it! The video is already viral on the internet. The live Facebook video got more than 1.2 million views.

Watch the amazing video here!

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This is not the only video that got Moshow all the fame. If you liked this video, go check out his YouTube page. It is full of crazy cat videos. Some of them include ‘Cat Emotons’, ‘Adopt A Cat’ and ‘Cat World’.

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