Rare Kitten With ‘Two Faces’ Grows Up To Be The Most Beautiful Cat Ever


As always, cats never fail to amuse us. Sometimes with their appearance and sometimes with their actions, the felines know how to make us smile.

Meet Narnia, a cute British Shorthair cat!

Recently, Jean Michael Labat, a professional animal photographer, captured a unique feline with two shades of fur. Usually, people do not like double faced people. But this kitty surely has our hearts from the first instance itself. The kitty is already making headlines all over the internet.

Labat has the purrfect skills to capture the beauty of this kitty. It is believed that the color of this cat’s fur has something to do with what happened inside its mother’s womb.

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Born on 28th March 2017, Narnia is an adorable and lovely cat.

Narnia’s breeder Stephanie Jimenez said that the kitty instantly stole her heart. The striking appearance of the kitty made her fall in love with him. Apart from the double colored fur, the kitty’s blue eyes are also adorable.

Usually, cats with such mysterious looks are called chimeras. These cats have two types of DNA. This usually happens when two embryos fuse together.

Well, single colored or multi colored, cats are always fun to be around. These sneaky creatures have something or the other going on at all times. They also take us along on their adventurous journey. ‘I am so bored’ said no cat hooman ever. Felines, won’t let you get lonely or bored ever. It’s always better to be with a cat than be without one.

Watch the video of this cute furball here!

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