15 Rebellious Pets That Make Their Own Rules


Did you get a pet recently? You feel it doesn’t listen to you. Well, that’s the case with every pet we know of. Pets are a bit selfish and they like to do things their way. They break every rule that you try to impose on them. So instead of fighting them over everything, just simply listen to them.

#1 “I love to do things that people tell me I shouldn’t be doing.”

#2 “These hoomans have been lying about me all the time. They are trying to hide me, but I defy all rules.”

#3 When your dog doesn’t get his favorite food, he won’t eat anything else.

#4 This is how cat protests when you don’t follow its rules. “When will these hoomans learn that they I hate this brand.”

#5 You thought that dogs won’t understand anything. Well, now you know better.

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#6 My black cat is attracted to white color. I wonder why!”

#7 That is the best revenge a dog can take. You will fall out of your chair laughing at this one.

#8 “Yes, that’s how we roll. We should be allowed everywhere.”

#9 “I did not attend school, but even if I did I would still not read this.”

#10 This is what happens when you let your dog be friends with cats.

#11 “I need to teach my hooman how to break rules. He is such a coward.”

#12 “That’s the only thing I know. How can you stop me from doing that?”

#13 “Stupid hooman! Always humiliating me. I need to do something about it super soon.”

#14 “No one ever dictates a pigeon.”

#15 “It’s our space too. We do what we feel like.”

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