Relatable Struggles Of Cat Owners (New Pics)


All cats have their own individual personality much like us humans. However, they do share their quirkiness universally and that is why cat owners often find pics online that show traits that are highly relatable for them.

We have put together some hilarious pics and clips for our video that they will definitely relate with.










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"Here’s a video of my cat trying to get my dog’s tail through a glass door. it will brighten your day" from funny










All of our cats manage to surprise us everyday with some new antic that they have come up with. To top it off, we also find millions and millions of pics flooding twitter everyday with cats doing the craziest things. How exactly does one species of animal manage to produce so many antics single-handedly?! That is for scientists to work on, but meanwhile, we cannot get over just how adorable these kitties are when caught red-handed.


My cat is a bit special. Thinks she is locked out.. from funny








My cat realizing I am watching him do what I have repeatedly told him not to do from funny


When a catto messes something up, he’s unlikely to have you believe that it was a mistake. He will probably act as though that is what it intended to do, and things are working out exactly as he had planned. This characteristic resonates with the fact the felines are independent and intelligent creatures. They are able to manipulate hoomans without putting considerable efforts. Beware hoomans, you never know what your little fluffball has going in that devil little mind of his.




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