20+ Cat Truths Everybody Will Agree On


Cat lovers UNITE!

Let’s just begin by saying this, we love our cats! However, our feline companions are as quirky as they come and we are all but fans of these weirdos.

Like how they constantly keep telling us that their food is only half full, or when they seek your attention precisely when you are doing something important or working. Don’t deny, because we know that you know, we know, what it is that we are talking about!

However, it is these qualities that makes us fall in love with our furrballs even more. To know that all cat owners face these exact same struggles, we feel relatable and relieved! It is these feline qualities that have made them beloved all over the globe. This is also the reason why internet is flooded with billions of cat memes and pictures every single day.

Cats are probably the most majestic species of the current century, and the favorite pet of all. Without them in our lives, the element of surprise and quirkiness will fade and leave us with a giant cat sized hole in our hearts.

So, fasten your seat belt and prepare yourself to yell “OMG, me too!” like a gazillion times.






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